ROTALIGN Ultra iS - the Alignment intelligent system

Save money through optimal alignment of rotating machinery

Preventing misalignment of rotating machinery bears an enormous potential for increasing efficiency and decreasing plant energy consumption and running costs.

  • reducing machine downtimes
  • increasing energy efficiency of machines
  • greater productivity

ROTALIGN Ultra iS has everything under control:

ROTALIGN Ultra iS english Used in combination with an external laser source, PENTALIGN, the high accuracy rotatable pentaprism creates a precise perpendicular laser plane to the incident beam. This allows highly accurate measurement of the parallelism and plumbness of axes. Measure up to 6 couplings simultaneously. Necessary alignment corrections are displayed in real time for entire machine train. Machine trains with up to 14 machines may be displayed and edited. Precise laser shaft alignment of coupled or uncoupled horizontal and vertical machines An RFID reader and tag uniquely identify the machine; basic data is read out and written back after the alignment job. Data may be accessed with NFC-enabled smartphones. The additional Live Trend module allows online monitoring of machine positional changes due to thermal growth or during run-up and coast down. Precise measurement and alignment of bores, internal components of turbines, gearboxes, internal combustion engines and reciprocating compressors. ROTALIGN Ultra iS combines with the rotating lasers LEVALIGN or LEVALIGN expert for simple, speedy and precise flatness measurement of machine beds and foundations. The vibration check following the alignment ensures that the machine can be operated without restrictions. ROTALIGN Ultra iS does not require additional accessories. ROTALIGN Ultra iS – an intelligent system – is a high performance, user-friendly system with an intuitive user interface. Through ist high flexibility, it is used in a wide range of applications.

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